Sip & Swipe Cafe®

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What is a Sip & Swipe Cafe?

When an organization (e.g. senior center, library, senior living facility…) desires to use our tablet/smartphone tutorials to run organized training sessions for their older adults, we call this a Sip & Swipe Café®.  

The idea is to offer training in a place where older adults already feel comfortable. The learner could get a free cup of coffee (sip) to drink while learning to use a device (swipe).  (Note- not required) 

All that is needed to host a Sip & Swipe Café is a staff or volunteer coach, WiFi, a table and chairs, and a few tablets (or have learner’s bring their own smartphone or tablet to learn upon.)

How it works

With step-by-step instructions on every page, the GoL interactive tutorial guides elders with little or no online experience through the basic swiping, tapping, and voice recognition techniques required for interacting with a tablet/smartphone. Once these skills are mastered, seniors are led onto the Internet, taught how to search, use video calling/texting/email, download and use apps, use the camera and even YouTube. The coach guides and encourages the learner as required, but much of the learning is self-paced.

A Sip & Swipe Café host facility or organization will receive at no cost

• Use of the app or web-version of the software
• Guide for volunteer coaches
• Guide for facility champion (project startup and management guide) 
• New learner tips, accomplishment checklists, and graduation certificates
• Telephone tech support

Next Step

Questions? Call 215-222-6400 – we are happy to answer any questions.

If you are ready to get started send an email to Katie Burke with subject line “We Are Interested!” Upon receipt, Generations on Line will send you the materials via email.