Well there IS a lot to get excited about!

Whether you’re shopping for toothpaste or a vacation package, you are sure to find it on the Internet – and probably at a discount!

Given the convenience of shopping from home, limitless options, and the sales & deals that are only offered on the Internet, shopping online really can be exciting.

But, just like shopping in a mall, there are rules you can follow to protect yourself from scammers and thieves.

And the FIRST online shopping safety rule is the age old adage:

If you find a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If a product is noticeably cheaper compared to other websites, there’s a high chance it’s a counterfeit.

Fake Lowes coupon
Fake SD card coupon
Fake kohls coupon

The Internet is full of deals and discount online stores but it is also full of deceitful and malicious imitation “stores” and the biggest “red flag” is a “too good to be true” offer.

As tempting as it might be, these “offers” never end well on OR off-line and it always best to “walk-away.”

Fortunately, these scams usually have other tell-tale clues that give them away. Tap your answer to the following question to learn more of them.

What is the best protection from thieves when shopping online?