While “QR Codes” were originally used to track consumer product information, they quickly became useful for marketing, advertising, scheduling, and even community building so now just about every business and organization uses them.

The “QR” part of “QR Code” stands for “Quick Response.”

And the “Code” part is basically a new language that only your smart phone (or tablet) can understand.

The little dots and lines (pixels) contain information that comes together like “morse code” for your smart phone’s camera.

Your camera decodes the information and displays a link to a website or other resource that you can tap on to see what the “QR Code” maker wanted you to see.

Let’s face it, these things have been popping up everywhere, in every size and shape!

You’ll find them in restaurants, medical offices, retail businesses, airports, churches, amusement parks, bulletin boards, billboards, business cards, and even on your television!

You might even see them pop up on the big screen at the movies! Wherever someone wants to get your attention or share some more information with you, you will encounter “QR Codes.”

There are many times when a “QR Code” might come in handy!

    • When you want more information about a business or event.
    • When you want to see/check a schedule or make an appointment.
    • To get a discount coupon, entry ticket, and/or directions.
    • To join a club or community group.
    • To get contact information.
    • To verify identity.
  1. For the businesses and organizations, “QR Codes” provide an opportunity to share a lot of information in a little space.
  2. For you and me, it means we don’t have to type (or remember) a bunch of letters and numbers into our phone to go to a web page with a very long name.
  3. For everybody, it saves time and connects us faster and easier.
  4. For the planet, it means less paper and carbon!